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Starting at $125/Hour

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General Consultation (Short Term)

$125/hour — Benji has over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness sector. Your next program will have a dedicated expert set of eyes to ensure a successful outcome.

Consultation and Advisory (Long Term)

Variable monthly retainer — Sometimes you just need a SME (Subject Matter Expert) to be able to call on and give some advice or guidance on-going. Benji is available to be on retainer for your needs.

PresentationS & WebinarS

Variable hourly rate — Benji will bring life into your next presentation or webinar. His dynamic speaking skills will transform your presentation and engage your audience in the information that is being provided. 

Skill Building/Training

Variable hourly rate — If you are needing hands-on training from a SME. Benji’s leadership and teaching style accompanied with his knowledge of a wide range of topics will create long lasting outcomes.

Self-Care Workshops - 

Personal: $175/hour — As a leader sometimes it’s good to take a moment to check-in and reground yourself finding your passion and purpose. Benji will identify and create a plan to prevent burnout.

Business: $250/hour — The old saying is, “Team Work Makes the Dream Work” right?  Through Benjamin’s self-care workshop your team will feel re-energized and motivated to continue implementing your program objectives.

Social media management

Personal: $125/hour — Need more followers? Not reaching your ideal demographic. I can help create content that will inspire and engage your audience.

Business: $175/hour —  If you are looking to make your next marketing push or campaign stand out. Benji has many years of dedicated experience in campaign creation, consumer engagement, and brand promotion.

graphic design

Personal: $125/hour — Benji’s diverse portfolio from photo to personal brand creation, will take you over the edge and make your next visual presentation stand out!

Business: $175/hour —  Need something that will entice your audience and drive up engagement in your next campaign, product, or service? Benji’s got it covered.

Virtual Services

$75/hour, payment plans available — Benji has the ability to meet you where you are at. No matter what part of the globe you are in. Benji’s consulting services are available through video and phone conferencing.

Keynote speaker/Emcee

Variable Fee— Let Benji come join your next event! They are a dynamic speaker and also known to energize an audience to create for a fun and empowering event.