Earlier this week Target announced a controversial bathroom policy that allows customers to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. Conservative mom Haley Power was shopping at a store with her 3 infant children when she realized she was sharing this bathroom with a Transgender woman. She took to Facebook to share her encounter:

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I shared a bathroom with a transgender woman today. I had my 3 babies, a duffel sized diaper bag, 2 dirty diapers and 0 patience. I also had 0 handguns and my husband, a voting republican, was certainly not there. Do you know what ghastly things happened to me? She handed me my wipes when I dropped them off the table. She had the audacity to smile at me and tell me that my children are beautiful. Then she proceeded to act all nonchalant and walk in a stall to do her business. Crazy right! You know what didn’t happen? I didn’t get molested! I wasn’t grabbed inappropriately, and I actually didn’t feel scared! Using a bathroom at a gas station with no door makes me feel scared. Using a bathroom at a drive in movie theatre puts me in a compromising situation. Using the bathroom with a transgender woman (who has been victimized the better part of her life I am sure!) who APOLOGIZED TO ME FOR POTENTIALLY MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE didn’t scare me at all, though? I have cried for her, to her, and about her all afternoon. People! Your wives and daughters aren’t safe in a public restroom as it is! If you believe that criminals obey the law, then I am certain you’re voting to abolish guns for the protection of your
family, too? Right? Wait…. Use your common sense, stay alert, and be so cautious of your surroundings, but especially of your words. If you put your hate out into the world, it might just turn around and be your little boy who decides that he is a woman one day. Stop the hate! – Haley Power


Just goes to show there is some humanity still left in the world.

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